Costs, Fees & Insurance

The cost of your treatment is listed on each clinician’s webpage.  Some of our clinicians are credentialed with Anthem BCBS.  If your therapist does not accept your insurance, our staff can provide a statement or “superbill” you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement to you.  Health Saving Accounts (HSA) or Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) may also be used to pay for your services, as mental health services can be considered a medical expense.  Payment may be done electronically, check, or cash.

If cost or finances are a factor keeping your from treatment, our therapists may have some ability to consider working with you on a sliding-fee scale.  Good mental health treatment should not be limited to those only with greater means.

You have a right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” in advance explaining how much your care will cost. You can read more about this and your rights here.

Find more information regarding fees on each clinician’s page.


Cancellations are required to be more than 24 hours in advance. To avoid being charged for the time please call our office at 317-780-1610. Exceptions are made for circumstances beyond your control (emergencies, illness, etc.).  Please speak with your clinician for more information.

Yes, all sessions are confidential, meaning that your clinician cannot tell anyone what you discussed with the following exceptions: you provide your clinician permission to speak with someone (e.g., family physician), what is required by law to report for client safety or the welfare of others, court orders, and medical emergencies. Please speak with your clinician for more information.
Our staff believes that there is a “goodness of fit” between clients and their clinician. You are encouraged to review each clinician’s page to learn more about their specializations and approach to treatment.  You can always ask our staff questions to help you find the right clinician for you and your needs.
Each clinician has a list of charges on their webpage. Some clinicians may accept your insurance.  Those who do not, can provide you some documentation to help you should you want to file for reimbursement from your insurance company.
Each clinician in our group may have a different approach to psychotherapy, but there are many important similarities. Psychotherapy is an empathic, confidential, ethical, and professional relationship that is perhaps different than some other relationships you have experienced.  Your clinician will work with you on collaborative goals to support you in areas of your life that are important to you.  Some of your collaboration may focus on: helping with emotional distress; identifying areas of your life you would like growth and greater satisfaction; how to manage more effectively in your day-to-day life; grow in insight, meaning, and understanding; symptom reduction and behavioral changes.  Your clinician will discuss how often your meetings will occur which may be in person, or even telehealth.
Psychotherapy is most effective when an individual can speak freely and openly about all aspects of their life. However, clients have the freedom to choose if they do or do not want to discuss faith, spirituality, or any area of their life.
Our group of compassionate professionals see you for your whole person, not just your symptoms. Too often, mental health care has been reduced to “fixing people” or exclusively on symptom reduction.  We believe that people are more than their symptoms; they are human beings.  It takes tremendous humility and courage to begin to face many of the challenges in your life.  We see it is a privilege to be with you during such an important time.  Our staff is committed to your greatest good and collaborating with you ways to help with your growth and health.

Payment Options

Pay by Phone

Please contact our office to pay with a debit, credit, or HSA card over the phone:

Lori Daniel
317-780-1610, Extension 1

Pay by Mail

Please make check payable to Central Psychological Services, LLC and mail to:

Central Psychological Services, LLC
6335 S. East Street
Indianapolis, IN 46227