Treating people, not just symptoms.

Your First Step Towards Mental Wellness Begins Today

The clinicians at Central Psychological Services, LLC are dedicated to working collaboratively with you on your emotional and psychological needs. Our clinicians view clients as being nuanced and unique, which requires a level of depthwork that is not traditionally offered by some modalities of mental health services. The treatment offered attempts to get to the “root of the problem” rather than focusing exclusively on symptom reduction. This approach allows access to deeper issues that exist in one’s personality structure, as these areas are often the source of psychological symptoms and suffering. Treatment has a significant focus on understanding the inner and external conflicts that affect relationships with self, spouse, partner, family, others, and spirituality.

When to Consider Treatment

Perhaps you have not been feeling like yourself lately or maybe much longer.  Relationships may feel like a struggle, your mood may feel off, you wish you could make healthier choices, someone may have hurt you, or life has not been as fulfilling as you would like it to be.  These are questions, some people may wrestle when beginning to examine their mental health. Beginning a psychotherapy or mental health treatment can feel intimidating, but does not have to be.  Being open to clinical work takes courage and humility, but you have tremendous potential.  Do not deny yourself of what is good. 

Services Offered

A variety of therapeutic modalities and services are available for clients based upon their clinical needs. Our staff will communicate with you directly to listen and learn about your needs, so we can connect you with one of our clinicians for your care.  You can begin to learn more about our clinicians below, to help find the right fit for you.

Support Groups

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Meet Our Team

John Cadwallader
Pauline Laue
Mandy Beikes
Adam Antone
Chelsea Gold
MA, Doctoral Practicum Student
Rachel Smith
Lori Daniel
Jennifer Williams
"We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures, we are the sum of the Father's love for us and our real capacity to become the image of His Son Jesus."

~ Saint Pope John Paul II

Payment Options

Pay by Phone

Please contact our office to pay with a debit, credit, or HSA card over the phone:

Lori Daniel
317-780-1610, Extension 1

Pay by Mail

Please make check payable to Central Psychological Services, LLC and mail to:

Central Psychological Services, LLC
6335 S. East Street
Indianapolis, IN 46227